Realfiction is a major international supplier of unparalleled 3D holographic display solutions for retail, expo and brand activation.

Project ECHO is the manifestation of the dream and vision behind 3D experiences: Free-flowing holograms that do not require glasses, devices or any other lenses between the naked eye and the effect. The project started in January 2019, with Steen Iversen at the helm, as Director of Advanced Display Technology.


Highly specialised professionals are hard to find



“When we started the project, back in January 2019, it was a more technologically advanced project than anything that had been done thus far. That is why it was important to find a good consortium of partners to help complete the task,” Iversen explains.

Project ECHO is a very ambitious development project with massive potential. Until now, free-flowing holograms that do not require glasses have only been seen in science fiction. However, with the development of Project ECHO, the big dream is well on its way to be realised.

“It can be difficult to find highly specialised professionals when we work with this type of technology and finding the right supplier for the electronics part was also a big task,” says Iversen.



Before deciding on CB Svendsen, Iversen screened various electronics companies. Due to their approach, co-responsibility and experience with production in small quantities, CB Svendsen stood out from the other suppliers.

“CB Svendsen is a team player, who, not only does what we ask for, but also does what we actually need. They help us go a step further, they make suggestions and revise the requirement specifications,” Iversen explains.

“Our purpose with Project ECHO is not to promote it as a product, but as a new technology. We have completed the very early proof of concept phase, where CB Svendsen has helped us with the development of control electronics in very small series for experimental setups and experimental models,” Iversen concludes.

Agile operation
Development of experimental models, printed circuit boards and controllers
Experience with prototype production and production in small quantities
High professional competency

“CB Svendsen is a team player, who, not only does what we ask for, but also does what we actually need.”


Steen Iversen

Director of Advanced Display Technology


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