Vi udvikler og producere elektronik til Medico industrien

Medico industry is subject to strict regulations and therefore places high demands on process management and traceability. We have collaborated with customers in Medico industry for many years and have built a strong portfolio. This has helped us ensure that we stay up to date with the latest technology and thereby meet the industry’s requirements. In close collaboration with our customers, we deliver a future-proof and production-optimised product that is developed at a competitive price and delivered within the agreed deadline.

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Our expertise within electronics development and manufacturing dates back to 1969.


You are assigned a permanent contact person and are given direct access to the relevant departments and professionals attached to your project.


We provide up to 24 months warranty on all of our products. All documentation is stored for at least 10 years after the development process is completed.


When time is of the essence for Oticon  

“Time is of the essence for my work, to ensure processes do not stop or delay the entire product launch plan. It is therefore important that the suppliers we work with are reliable. We emphasise that the recommended retail price and delivery are complied with from the start. The collaboration with CB Svendsen has lived up to our expectations for the last 3 to 4 years,” says Stefan S. Jensen Chip Validation Engineer fra Oticon.

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