Elektronikudvikling og produktion til forsvar og rummet

At CB Svendsen, we also carry out projects that require an NDA. This may be relevant when collaborating with the Armed Forces or the spacetech industry, which, among other things, deal with satellite technology and launching. We make sure to stay up to date with the latest technology, as well as the requirements set by the industry. In close collaboration with our customers, we deliver a future-proof and production-optimised product that is developed at a competitive price and with delivery within the agreed deadline.

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Everything is documented during our development process. The documentation contains all the information necessary to produce and test the product.

Process flow

We ensure a structured process flow, where all our specialist departments collaborate to ensure the quality of the development of your product.


We take into account all stipulations regarding your product and make sure to comply with relevant standard, approval and environmental requirements. We have the ISO 9001 certification.


NanoAvionics – To infinity and beyond

NanoAvionics wanted to focus on evolving and expanding its partnerships. “We needed to comply with some international quality standards in electronics assembly, so we wanted to step it up a little bit,” says Gervelis.

“NanoAvionics was using a local vendor, which is very good, but there were some technical limitations, some equipment missing from the picture, which became the advantage of CB Svendsen.”

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