NanoAvionics builds satellites and satellite technologies for its customers. The company is home to a team of 80 aerospace engineers and has successfully accomplished over seventy-five nano-satellite missions and commercial projects.

Having shipped to over 27 countries, NanoAvionics enables numerous space-based businesses around the world by supplying multi-purpose, high-performance and competitively affordable nano-satellite buses. The company also assists in mission logistics, integration and launch brokerage.



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NanoAvionics is a wide and complex business that caters to its customers’ specific needs. “It’s a full-service package,” says Regimantas Gervelis, Production Manager, “all the way to actually launching into space and coordinating the mission.”

It is therefore crucial that every single detail goes smoothly and according to plan. ”We have to do it quick and we have to do it very precisely because it’s not something you can fix after and it’s very pricey,” Gervelis explains.

NanoAvionics also wanted to focus on evolving and expanding its partnerships. “We needed to comply with some international quality standards in electronics assembly, so we wanted to step it up a little bit,” says Gervelis. “NanoAvionics was using a local vendor, which is very good, but there were some technical limitations, some equipment missing from the picture, which became the advantage of CB Svendsen.”


Gervelis had previously worked with CB Svendsen, so when the time came for NanoAvionics to find a new partner, he felt that the company would be a great fit. “I was looking for particular strategic competences in the production company and due to the fact that some were already in place at CB Svendsen, it took me very little time to set everything up because I could trust people,” he recalls. “I knew what kind of capabilities they have and the whole setup of the company is truly nice, because CB Svendsen does design and they understand about electronics, not only from the production side, but also from the functional side.”

Alongside deep trust, there was also a great shorthand and understanding between Gervelis and CB Svendsen that made the partnership a clear solution for NanoAvionics. “It was very easy for us to understand each other’s needs and it was very quick. I would say that our cooperation is quite good.”

Last but not least, CB Svendsen was also a perfect fit in terms of the services they offer. As Gervelis explains: “They also have a very wide range of services and steps in the production that really appeal to me and that I actually needed. Full quality control, various equipment to do various tests to assure processes of the production that I need and I know that they do it in-house.”

Strategic competences
Wide range of services and full quality control
Ability to perform extensive testing
In-house production

“If I was hunting for some cheap service, I would go somewhere else, but I am not talking about cheap service, I want to have fantastic and comfortable service.”



Regimantas Gervelis

Production Manager


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