Remote metering

We create our own products under the FA and RF systems, as well as communication products for meter manufacturers and others.
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Remote metering

You are welcome to contact us with a query regarding remote reading.

Remote metering helps you:

  • eliminate reading errors
  • avoid time-consuming follow-ups
  • save time
  • increase the quality of your data
  • evaluate the effect of your efforts

If you choose us to handle remote metering needs, you get:


Our FA System and other remote metering systems have been at the forefront since the first FA product was approved  in 1989. Our know-how has been built and maintained over the same number of years.


The quality of our remote reading products is proved, among other things, by their unusually long shelf life (often 15 years or more), where ongoing firmware updates have extended the life of the products.


You are assigned a permanent contact person and are given direct access to the relevant departments and professionals attached to your project.

We offer our own products in remote metering:

The FA system

The FA system is used by large and medium consumers of energy and water, where frequent data logging according to EDIEL and high stable data communication is a demand/requirement. The latest FA logger products are FA-60 (GPRS/GSM/SMS) and FA-67 (Ethernet/intranet/internet). Both super-flexible ULTRA loggers with, among others, 11 independent log functions, connection of up to 65 serial meters, and up to 64 wireless M-Bus meters, 0(4)-20mA, remote control, interface extensions via internal option module and much more. The “workhorses” FA-40 and FA-47 continue unchanged.


The FA-14 is an IP67, battery-powered, SMS-based logger for difficult conditions, for example, in wells. Also available in OEM/special versions.

The FA system is widely used by Danish utility companies, such as EON, HOFOR, Aalborg Forsyning, Vestforbrændingen and Evida. Industrial and commercial companies such as LEGO, Grundfos, Post Nord, Copenhagen Airports and others also use the FA system, as well as municipalities such as Holstebro, Århus and Hillerød. The FA system is supported by several third-party software producers, including EMT Nordic, KMD, Vitani and Schneider Electric.


Fjernaflæsning FA-60
Fjernaflæsning RF-systemet

The RF system

The RF system is primarily used for small consumers of, for example, district heating, where a cheap remote reading, is, for example, wanted on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The RF system is built around an RF-6, which is mounted next to the meter and wired to the meter. RF-6 is supplied (230 or 24Vac) from the electricity grid. RF-6 can be part of an intelligent radio chain system controlled by an intelligent adaptive concentrator called RFC, which partly on its own initiative reads the individual RF-6 and partly dynamically exploits that the individual RF-6 can function as repeaters for each other. RFC communicates data home via GSM/GPRS and can itself be wired to its own meter. Alternatively, the RF-6 can be read via drive-by.

The RF system is independent from the meter manufacturer and can read all typical consumption meters that have a serial output. The RF system is used by, among others, Evida, Ræhr, Hanstholm, Gentofte and Værløse Fjernvarme.

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