Electronic development & production

Design, development and production of electronics are the essens at CB Svendsen A/S

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Future-proof solutions

We provide design and layout, development of software and hardware, mechanical design, EMC measurement, production, testing, storage and distribution.

Our focus is always in your project, whether you want to use us as a total or subcontractor. It is therefore the project itself, which is our engine from concept phase throughout testing and distribution.

More than 40 years of experience tells us that it is a good driving force.

Our services

Over 40 years of experience in electronic development

 You can benefit from our know-how and expertise in costumized electronic solutions of the highest quality.

Our development department´s expertise and cooperation ensures that the development of your product is done quickly and at a competitive price. We also focus on national and international standards, economic and environmental conditions and can among others perform EMC measurements in our EMC laboratory.

About electronic development

Modernized production facilities

By using our modern equipment; pick and place, vapor phase oven and reflow oven. we can efficiently and qualitively produce printed circuit boards with small components (0201), the largest BGA circuits and QFN packing. We assemble on both upper-andlower side of the PCB with or without glueing the components.

With our advanced x-ray machine, we can review and inspect solders hidden under an IC such as BGA. At our rework station we can replace defective components safely and quickly, without having to discard an otherwise functional circuit board.

About electronic production

3D prototyping

If you quickly need to see a 3D model in plastic of your new mechatronic development, we are able to print it out in ABS plastic. Our designers are happy to help you with developing your mechanical product.


Serigraphy and print

In our serigraphy department we print among other things front panels, covers, foils and membrane keyboards with LEDs and push buttons. Additionally, we can print designs and logos on various surfaces and shapes.


Remote reading

Our remote reading department creates both its own products under FA and RF systems and communication products for meter manufacturers and other. The FA system is used by large and medium consumers of energy and water.