Elektronikproduktion til indsutriel brug

In industry, operational reliability is the key behind a successful product. At CB Svendsen, we specialise in developing stable products with the latest technology and fast delivery, without compromising on quality and complexity. In close collaboration with our customers, we deliver a future-proof and production-optimised product that meets all the specific requirements that the industry in question may have. The high expertise of our engineers ensures that the product is developed at a competitive price and is delivered within the agreed deadline.

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You are guaranteed the rights to your product. As a subcontractor, we provide a copy of the product portfolio containing all the information necessary to be able to produce and test the product.


Process flow

We ensure a structured process flow, where all our specialist departments collaborate to ensure the quality of the development of your product.


We take into account all stipulations regarding your product and make sure to comply with relevant standard, approval and environmental requirements. We have the ISO 9001 certification.


Highly specialised professionals are hard to find

“CB Svendsen is a team player, who, not only does what we ask for, but also does what we actually need. They help us go a step further, they make suggestions and revise the requirement specifications,” Steen Iversen explains.

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