We offer different types of printing that can be adapted to your product.
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Serigraphic printing

Our serigraphy department has expertise in various printing methods, design and production of foils and foil keyboards, stickers, labels and milled items in thin plate. These are often used in products that contain mechanical items and require a proper look and feel.

You are welcome to contact us with queries regarding serigraphic printing. We can then arrange a meeting to discuss your product and your expectations. This way, we can obtain the information necessary to provide you with an offer that best suits your needs. We strive to make the process fast, efficient and flexible, without compromising on the solutions, which must, of course, meet the highest standards.


At CB Svendsen we have:
  • Experience and strong competencies in screen printing
  • Quality in mind and an understanding of the financial side

If you choose us to handle your serigraphic printing needs, you get:


Our production department was founded in 1969 and its expertise benefits our customers.


We understand quality as the overall experience our customers have with our services. We take into account all stipulations regarding your product and make sure that our deliveries comply with the agreed requirements, price and deadlines.


You are assigned a permanent contact person and are given direct access to the relevant departments and professionals attached to your project.

We have expertise in various printing methods:

We have expertise in various printing methods and therefore offer printing on most materials, including metal, plastic, glass, cardboard and foils, in both small and large sizes.

Round printing

We offer round printing, which makes it possible to print on round elements, such as bottles, cans, pens, etc.

Tampography (Pad printing)

Tampography or pad printing is suitable for advanced printing on almost all types of shapes and many different materials such as plastics, metal, lacquered surfaces, wood, glass, textiles, etc.

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Digital printing

Our Wide-format digital printer can produce stunning vivid graphics across a wide range of applications: Signs, banners, graphics and wraps for vehicles, fine art posters, packaging prototypes, labels, stickers, POP displays and heat transfers on clothing.


We mill and drill plastic and metal items on CNC machines. Furthermore, we offer etching of thin metal sheets in, for example, stainless spring steel, bronze, nickel silver and brass for EMC shielding, among others.

“Time is of the essence for my work. That is why it is nice to work with suppliers who honour their agreements.”



Stefan S. Jensen

Chip Validation Engineer


“CB Svendsen is a team player, who, not only does what we ask for, but also does what we actually need.”



Steen Iversen

Director of Advanced Display Technology



“It took 6 months to develop the product, from idea to finished product, on the shelves, in the stores. This is unheard of in electronics. I don’t think that there are many, besides CB Svendsen, who are able to carry a project through so quickly and efficiently!”



Christian Walther



“If I was hunting for some cheap service, I would go somewhere else, but I am not talking about cheap service, I want to have fantastic and comfortable service.”



Regimantas Gervelis

Production Manager


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