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If you work in the consumer industry, you understand that the sales and success of a product are directly dependent on fast production, stable delivery and competitive pricing. Our strength lies in the delivery of high volume productions, without compromising on quality and professionalism — and we do it at a fair price. We are also happy to act as a sourcing partner for our customers and always ensure an efficient process from idea to finished product.

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Our development – and production department in total exceeds 500 years of experience and the execution is never far from the idea.


You are assigned a permanent contact person and are given direct access to the relevant departments and professionals attached to your project.


We provide up to 24 months warranty on all of our products. All documentation is stored for at least 10 years after the development process is completed.

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ooono: From idea to finished product in record time

For Christian, it is important that his supplier is reliable, an independent thinker and a good sourcing that is able to create safety and security around the entire project.

“CB Svendsen is a sensible production partner and then you have a Danish partner, which helps avoid the kind of uncertainty that can occur with a supplier from, for example, Asia, although you may be able to save a few Danish kroner per unit,” says Christian Walther.

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