Qlife Aps was established in Copenhagen, by Thomas Warthoe, Peter Warthoe, Lars Bangsgaard and Ebbe Finding. They have worked in the IVD (In-Vitro Diagnostic) industry for the past 20 years and together, they have built small high-tech medical devices to collaborate with leading IVD companies. The founders thus have solid know-how and experience in product development, approval of legislation and business operations.

Egoo is a product that was created on the basis of Qlife’s vision of making a difference in where and how blood tests are performed. The user is able to do the analyses on a small medical measuring device and can subsequently obtain the test results directly on their smartphone. Egoo can currently be used for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and inflammatory diseases.

Egoo Instrument and Capsules


Long and winding road to the goal



Unfortunately, when the vision is saving human lives and making a positive difference, there are quite a few steps from idea to product launch.

The road to the goal can indeed be long and winding, especially in the Medtech industry, which is characterised by extremely high requirements for process control, traceability and regulations.

“We have an in-house electronics designer and experience in product development. All the production and prototype work was done by others and we were responsible for delivering all the parts. It made our processes difficult and complicated. We needed someone who could take hold of the project as a whole. One supplier who could take co-responsibility for it to succeed,” says Ebbe Finding, CTO.


Both Finding and Lead Technician, Johnny Lau knew CB Svendsen from previous jobs. After an introductory meeting, where goals, concept and vision were discussed, there was no doubt that CB Svendsen ought to be QLife’s new subcontractor. “Our decision confirmed to us that one supplier, who takes full responsibility, simplifies our processes. It may sound expensive, for some, but when you add it all up, there is no price difference. The project is seamless and valuable and in that way, there is no hassle!” Finding explains.

The expertise and mutual cooperation of CB Svendsen’s specialist departments ensures a structured development process, where all matters regarding a product are taken into consideration. This minimises costs while maintaining top quality.

Seamless and valuable project
Regulatory requirements are met
Quick response
Good service and quality

“One supplier, who handles all the responsibility, simplifies our processes. It may sound expensive, for some, but when you add it all up, there is no price difference.”



Ebbe Finding


QLife ApS

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