General Terms and Conditions

1. General
The following applies to all offers, orders and deliveries unless otherwise agreed in writing.
2. Offer
Offers are valid for 30 days from date of offer. Right to minor changes in the descriptions, printed matter, drawings, etc. Reserved.
3. Orders
All orders are received, confirmed and executed subject to force majeure, including strike, lockout, war, fire damage, import restrictions and other unforeseen obstacles outside of CB Svendsen A/S’ control.
4. Delivery
The delivery date is calculated from the moment the order is fully resolved. We undertake no liability for delayed deliveries. Delayed deliveries do not justify cancellation of the order.
5. Delivery Terms
Delivery according to Incoterms 2010 Ex Work (EXW) Vaerloese Denmark.
6. Development
A development is considered to be a paid service, cf. a consultancy agreement or an offer where CB Svendsen A/S has made changes in a design or developed a component or product, based on a written approved specification.
7. Prototypes
A prototype is a functional model, which basically has the properties of the final product, but can have minor visual issues. After acceptance of the prototype, the warranty period for completed development commences, cf. point 12.
8. Pre series
A Pre series is a smaller series production of the product. A pre series must ensure that the product can be manufactured in greater numbers without errors. This pre series is used for the customer’s field test. Claims for defects or defects that arise from the development must be pointed out before the expiry of the warranty period for completed development, cf. point 7.
9. Production
A Production series is a production of a product in which there are no known errors. When a product developed by CB Svendsen A/S is ordered by the customer, the prior development is considered as accepted. Errors or deficiencies that are pointed out, and are requested to be corrected, outside the warranty period, cf. point 12 or in connection with an accepted prior development, will be invoiced.
10. Inspection
Visual inspection of each unit is carried out by CB Svendsen A/S prior to delivery, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Electrical tests of all units or sample tests can be arranged and shall be agreed in writing. If a customer wants to inspect the units before delivery, this can be arranged. In the event that the inspection is more comprehensive than CB Svendsen’s Workmanship (IPC-A-610 class II), the inspection requirement must be approved by CB Svendsen A/S prior to the inspection.
11. Complaints
In case of complaints regarding defects that may be present at delivery, the complaint must be given in writing to CB Svendsen A/S within 8 days from goods receipt.
12. Warranty
CB Svendsen A/S provides a 12-month warranty, calculated from the date of invoice or from receipt of prototype approval. By warranty meaning that CB Svendsen A/S within this period without charge corrects all defects in the delivery, which are provable due to design errors, poorly executed work, manufacturing or design faults or defective components. Defective units must be delivered to CB Svendsen A/S free of charge for service. If a customer wants warranty service performed at their address, transport costs will be calculated for the customer’s expense. Warranty service will only be carried out within normal working hours, unless otherwise agreed. Warranty does not cover the consequences of improper or incorrect operation, operation and assembly of the product, breaches of seals, products that have been serviced by others than CB Svendsen A/S, and lightning strikes. No compensation is provided for loss of earnings, waste of time or other secondary damage as a result of errors in the goods delivered.
13. Limitation of Liability
A claim for compensation against CB Svendsen A / S, to the extent that does not otherwise follow from the mandatory rules of product liability of Danish law, cannot exceed the invoice amount for the item sold. This applies regardless of whether the claim is raised in accordance with the product liability rules or on other grounds. CB Svendsen A / S accept no liability for indirect losses, including operating losses, as a result of errors or defects in products or services delivered. CB Svendsen A / S disclaims any responsibility for loss of data or hardware, including in connection with the submission of products for service or repair. It is the customer’s responsibility at all times to secure his data through proper backup.
14. Documentation
The documentation is released as soon as the full development costs is paid. Documentation that is entrusted a customer and not yet released may not be copied, presented or left to unauthorised personal or third party without the consent of CB Svendsen A/S.
15. Price Reservation
Prices are based on the quotation / order confirmation date exchange, customs and taxation rates. CB Svendsen A/S reserve the right to adjust prices in the event of rates change more than +/- 3 %.
16. Payment
Payment is, net 30 days, from date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing. In the case of overdue payment, CB Svendsen A/S reserve the right to charge interest of 1.2% per month.