About us

State-of-the-art electronic solutions ranging from draft to return.

About us

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide total electronic solutions developed and produced within our company or in cooperation with other suppliers, knowledge centers etc.



We constantly educate our employees and recruit new talents. We continously extend our laboratories and production facilities to be in front regarding expertise and competitiveness. Some of our productions take place in low-wage countries such as Poland and the FarEast.



CB Svendsen A/S is among other things a supplier in development of electronic equipment, EMC measurement, design of mechanics, 3D printing of plastic parts, production of electronics and completed appliances, layout of printed circuits and serigraphy.

We deal with the production of prototypes, 0-series and batch productions. We also have productions in Poland, where our quality management system and workmanship standard are implemented. We are therefore both price and quality competitive, also in large series.

We supply equipment for the armed forces, electronic, medical, telecommunications, offshore and engineering industries as well as oil companies and the maritime sector.


Our products

Our own products include:

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