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We create both own products under FA and RF systems and communication products for meter manufacturers and others.


The FA system

The FA system is used by large and medium consumers of energy and water. where frequent data logging according to EDIEL and a very stable communication is a request/requirement. The latest FA logger products are the FA-60 (GPRS / GSM / SMS) and the FA-67 (Ethernet / Intranet / Internet). Both are super flexible ULTRA loggers including 11 independent log functions, the ability to connect up to 65 serial meters and up to 64 wireless M-Bus meters, 0(4)-20 mA, remote control, interface enhancements via an internal option module and much more. The "work horses" FA-40 and FA-47 continues unchanged.

The FA system is widely used by Danish suppliers of energy and/or water such as DONG, EON, HOFOR, Aalborg Forsyning, Vestforbrænding and all the Danish companies within natural gas. Also industrial and commercial enterprises such as LEGO, Grundfos, Post Nord, Copenhagen Airports and others, as well as municipalities for example Holstebro and Hilleroed. The FA system is supported by several third-party software manufacturers including EMT Nordic, KMD, Vitani and Schneider Electric.

Contact Peter Schultz for more info on tel. (+45) 44350417 or send an email.

Download manuals here.


The RF system

The RF system is primarily used for small consumers for example district heating, where a cheap remote reading on e.g. daily, weekly or monthly basis is requested. The RF system is based on a RF-6, which is mounted next to the meter and wired to the meter. RF-6 is supplied  (230 or 24 Vac) from the power grid. RF-6 may be included in an intelligent radio relay system controlled by an intelligent adaptive concentrator called RFC. The RFC partly on its own initiative reads the individual RF-6 and partly itself dynamically exploits the fact that the individual RF-6 can act as a repeater for each other. The RFC communicates data back via GSM / GPRS and can even be wired to its own meter. Alternatively, the RF-6 can be read via drive-by.

The RF system is meter manufacturer-independent and can read all typical utility meters that have a serial or pulse output. The RF system is among others used by Raehr, Hanstholm, Gentofte and Vaerloese district heating.

Contact Peter Schultz for more info on tel. (+45) 44350417 or send an email.

Download manuals here.

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