GSM Switch and TeleSwitch

Turn on the heat or electrical devices with your phone.

GSM Switch and TeleSwitch

GSM Switch and TeleSwitch are remote controlled power switches and reporters, ideal for home, holiday cottage, office or workshops. As a holiday cottage owner you do not any longer need to drive to the cottage to turn on and off the installations or heatings before and after the you or the tenants have used the cottage. It is quickly done with a phone call or a text message.


GSM Switch

The GSM Switch/TeleSwitch's outputs are connected to the equipment, which are to be remotely operated (on/off electric heater, outdoor lightning, pool heating etc.) Then you may send a message to the switch to turn on or off the outputs manually.

The inputs are connected to the devices which are monitoring (alert against intrusion by non-contact door switches or PIR sensors, water detector in groundwater wells, machine malfunctions etc.).

The GSM Switch is operated via text messages and has 4 digital inputs, 2 outputs as well as a temperature sensor input (1.5 m thermal sensor is enclosed). The thermostat function can be used to activate the two outputs and furthermore as an alarm function with the ability to send a text message at too high or too low temperature. During a power failure a SMS alarm will be sent to your phone and the device continues to operate using the battery backup.



The TeleSwitch is connected to the network and can be controlled by a pushbutton telephone or mobil phone. Two channels can be programmed to be inputs or outputs. The timer function makes it possible to determine how long time an output must be connected.

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