Electronic production

We produce both in Denmark an d Poland.

SMD and THT (leaded)

Our employees, who work according to our workmanship standard, ensures a high quality in SMD and THT (leaded) electronics assembly and box building. By using our modern equipment; pick and place, vapor phase oven and reflow owen, we can efficiently and qualitively produce printed circuit boards with small components (0201), the largest BGA circuits and QFN packing. We assemble on both upper- and lower side of the PCB with or without glueing the components.

With our advanced x-ray machine, we can review and inspect solders hidden under an IC such as BGA. At our rework station we can replace defective components safely and quickly, without having to discard an otherwise functional circuit board.


We test all kind of electronic equipment. We develop and construct electronic test stands both for international testing and directly to the consumer.


Mechanic and electronic
"Heavy" electrical and mechanical final assemblies such as regulators for landing lights in airports, large power supplies for the Norwegian Defence and information boards at Arriva, can be performed.


Cleaning of printed circuit boards
When the quality standards or the consumer request for cleaning of their assembled PCB, we are able to do this in our special washing machine, where the water conductivity regularly is controlled.


Coating / Embedding / Bonding
We have an extensive experience with coating and embedding of printed circuit boards for usage in particularly harsh environments, for example EX-Zones.

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