Power supplies

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In our power department we primarily develop and produce customized power supplies. Furthermore we deliver power supplies from selected suppliers of standard power supplies.

Our product program ranges from simple to highly advanced supply within inverters, converters and battery chargers. The products are mainly used where there is a requirement for an extended temperature range and strict environmental requirements (vibration, bumps and moisture). In terms of power we work with products ranging from a few watts up to 30kW.

Over the years we have expanded our power activities and know-how through the acquisition of power companies such as Daytronic and Powerlab.

Electronic production

Product areas:

  • AC-DC: Worldwide input and power factor control (PFC).
  • DC-AC: Linearly inverter program with genuine sinus.
  • Battery chargers: A wide range within lead, NiCd, NiMH and Li-ion.
  • DC-DC and step Down: Is for example used as secondary regulation or in connection with battery solutions.
  • DC-DC: With Ultra Wide Input.


Completed power-tasks:

  • Launching pad for ground to air missile: Redundant 1000W DC-DC converter for operation of the computer.
  • Emergency lights for ferries: NiCd charger and driver for 8W fluorescent lamps built into fixtures.
  • Satellite communication equipment for ships: AC-DC and DC-AC for operation of the transmitter and receiver with built-in back-up.
  • Monitoring equipment for digital telephone exchanges: 5 different output 16W DC-DC converters for operation of CPU and measuring lead impedance and capacity.
  • Cathodic protection of reinforced concrete: AC-DC power with constant voltage and current remotely controlled via modem.
  • IR surveillance equipment in close combat areas: AC-DC WME 192 plug-in and 3-phase 48 VDC power for operating military unit.
  • Level measurement of liquids in EX-zone: AC-DC and DC-DC 9W power for use in EX-zone.
  • Power supply for hydrogen cars: 14kW

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