3D printer

Fast and economical method for production of plastic parts.

If you quickly need to see a 3D model in plastic of your new mechanic or mechatronic development, we are able to print it out in ABS plastic. Our designers are happy to help you with developing your mechanical product. As a design tool, we use SolidWorks.

The 3D models in ABSplus thermoplastics have a strength ratio of 70-75% in relation to the molded ABS parts. This makes them strong enough to be used in field tests and in some cases even in an actual production.

If you only want to produce a few pieces of plastic parts and/or the subject is very complicated, it will often be possible to completely avoid the expensive and time-consuming molding and instead simply print the subjects. By means of this printing technique we are able to print very complicated subjects up to the size 203x203x305 mm.

We are able to print 8 different colours with thread thickness 0,17 or 0,25 mm. It is possible to combine several colours to the same subject, depending on the nature of the subject. This enables for example a company logo to appear in a different colour on the subject.




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